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“We have been continuously adding more and more products to our product line. Our products not only provide healthcare needs but a complete Solution.”
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Samsung Medison is one of the world's leading diagnostic ultrasound company. Founded in 1985, the company is now selling cutting-edge medical devices to many countries around the world. The company has attracted global attention in the medical device community by developing its own technology through its advanced R&D capabilities, and by propelling major advances such as producing the world's first commercially-available 3D ultrasound product. The company has also introduced many other advanced products, ranging from its signature 'Accuvix' and 'SonoAce' series, to a laptop-sized ultra-compact diagnostic ultrasound machine. A full range of 2D, Colour Doppler , 3D and 4D range can be viewed in the below link.
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MedGyn manufactures and distributes superior quality medical supplies, instruments, and equipments to satisfy the needs of Obstetrics and Gynecological medical professionals. Since 1975, MedGyn Products has provided innovative and high-quality products to OB/GYN professionals. MedGyn categorizes it's products into following six different therapies: Obstetrics, General Gynecology, Gynecology Oncology (Colposcopy and Cryotherapy), UroGynecology, Infertility and Family Planning. The link below gives a full overview of the products MedGyn manufactures...
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The company BORCAD cz was established in the year 1990 and is a leading European producer of high quality birthing beds, Gynecological examination chair and workstation. Their unique gynecological workstation GRACIE received the prestigious REDDOT design award in the year 2011. The GRACIE is a combination of a fully operated electrical couch with a Colposcope integrated and a well designed Instrument trolley for securely placing all the required instruments during examination and / or surgical procedures. A brief of the company and product demo could be viewed by clicking the following link:
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ROC Europe S.R.L : Roc Europe s.r.l. Born in Italy in 2006 in partnership with Roc International, a company that operates in foreign medical field for many years.
The purpose of Roc Europe is to become a company that works for the maximum comfort of patients; Comfort understood as ergonomics, practicality, aesthetic pleasure and comfort: to feel so physically and psychologically helped facilitated anyone addressing medical and aesthetic.
The human dimensions of the company allow elasticity and flexibility of production: in addition to the product range / colors / finishes, and is able to satisfy requests and custom product. They have the best range of Gynecology Examination Chairs. A detailed look at the products can be found at below link.
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Active Birth Pools is the world’s leading designer and supplier of water birth pools. Founded in 1987 by director K.D. Brainin they quickly established themselves as the benchmark standard and have supplied hundreds of hospitals worldwide. This experience has given them the knowledge, understanding and capability to design and manufacture the world's finest water birth pools. Active Birth Pools are handmade to order in Ficore®, a proprietary material of unequalled strength & durability that is extremely smooth, tactile and warm to the touch. Their new birth pools represent a quantum leap forward in design and quality and are equipped with multi-colour LED lighting and integral blue tooth sound. Active Birth Pools were highly commended for the quality of design and manufacturing at the Building Better Healthcare awards. More information on the birthing pools could be found by clicking the following link
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