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“We have been continuously adding more and more products to our product line. Our products not only provide healthcare needs but a complete Solution.”
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V Care Medical is one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipments in the field of Dermatology, Cosmetology and Neonatology. Their dermatology range includes Ultra Violet Narrow band Phototherapy system for home and professional hospital use. They have the unique multispecialised unit which is a partial treatment radiation unit, ideal to be used where space is a constraint. The system could be ordered in either UVA tubes, UVB Narrow Band tubes or a combination of UVA-UVB therapy tubes. They also have a wide range of whole body cabinet system. They also manufacture UV systems for neonatology application. Their cosmetology range includes Cosmo chair, IPL System, Co2 laser, Fractional Laser System, Microdermabrasion unit, Skin Analyser, Lipo derma and Radioderma unit. Click the link below to get the detail of their product range.
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Philips Medical Lighting :
Philips UV Phototheraphy lamps are the best proven lamps for Vitiligo and psoriasis treatment. We maintain a stock of the full range of UV phototheraphy lamps for all the various UV Phototheraphy systems. A detailed look on the Philips UV Phototheraphy lamps can be found in the below link.
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Medgyn manufactures and distributes medical devices for the dermatology healthcare industry including disposables, high quality instruments and equipment to dermatologist professionals around the world. They manufacture high quality Cryotheraphy and Electro Cautery units for dermatology minor surgical procedures. Follow the link below to get the details on the MedGyn products.
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Medical Illumination was founded in 1978. All of our products are made in California. Since the beginning, our sole focus has been to provide the medical field with the best-engineered, highest quality and most cost-effective surgery and procedure lights. For that reason, our expertise is recognized and respected by physicians, surgeons, and others within the medical field.
We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to find out exactly what they need in surgical lighting. As a result, our products continue to be installed in more and more clinics, surgery centers, and OR’s the world over. A full overview of the products could be found by clicking the below link
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